I updated my Natural Language Processing (NLP) library for Pharo Smalltalk

I have recently spent some time playing around in Pharo Smalltalk and in the process made some improvements to my NLP library: I changed the license to MIT and added summarization and sentence segmentation. Older code provides functionality for part of speech tagging and categorization.

Code, data, and directions are in my github repository nlp_smalltalk.

My first experience with Smalltalk was early 1983. The year before my company had bought a Xerox 1108 Lisp Machine for me and a Xerox technical sales person offered me a one month trial license for their Smalltalk system.

Pharo Smalltalk very much impresses me both for its interactive programming environment and also for the many fine libraries written for it.

I don't spend much time programming in the Pharo environment so I am very far from being an expert. That said, I find it a great programming environment for getting code working quickly.


  1. Are there things that Pharo does that Squeak doesn't, with respect to your port?

  2. Hello Lawson, I am fairly sure that the code would run fine on Squeak. I switched over to Pharo several years after using Squeak for many years (just hobbyist stuff, having fun).

    If you find that my library does not work on Squeak, please let me know and I will fix it.


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