I am a living advertisement for JetBrains products :-)

Full disclosure: for years JetBrains comped me with free products, but for a few years now I have been buying my own licenses.

I have been working since 5am this morning on three customer projects in three languages:

  • Python - using PyCharm
  • Ruby - using RubyMine
  • Java - using IntelliJ
Switching languages and supporting platforms and frameworks sometimes causes a little cognitive dissonance, taking a few minutes to get my head into a different toolset.

With the same (almost) user interface, similar code completion, etc., switching between three languages and projects today was easy with no stress.

I will also thank other companies that make it easier for me to do my work:

  • Amazon AWS - Amazon is my favorite technology company. AWS has changed my working life. Since I live in a remote mountain area, I also appreciate getting stuff from Amazon. The Kindle platform with synched reading accross all of my devices is also great.
  • Apple - my MacBook Air and iPad are great devices that I don't even have to think about while I am working and playing (and the iTV is pretty cool also)
  • Heroku - I am a big fan of PaaS and Heroku is my favorite
  • Google - for GMail, Docs and Calendar
  • github - really makes remote customer interaction simple and productive
  • Evernote - my own personal memory box
  • Dropbox
  • Netflix - covers most of my non-sports and non-reading recreation
I work and live in a digital world and these great companies deserve my business for making my life simpler and more fun.


  1. Ditto for me on JetBrains!

    While I have a license for both IDEA and RubyMine, I'm finding that the Ruby plugin on the most recent version of IDEA does pretty much the same thing. Are you?

  2. I prefer using RubyMine separately for Ruby and Rails work.


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