Largest public SPARQL endpoint:

The Sindice project has transitioned from a university and consortium project of DERI to a commercial company. Check out the SPARQL endpoint web form - very impressive. During lunch I tried using the Sindice Java client library and it was easy to use but does not for some reason support direct SPARQL queries.


  1. Hi Mark,

    Where can i find the sparql client library... i have referred your book_java.pdf, but i am not finding the link to download the library file..
    Please can u send me the link to download the file

  2. I got it Mark..
    Thanks a lot...:)...
    You can get the jar files here::::

  3. Hello Deepa,

    I was referring in this blog article to the Sindice client library; link copied from the blog post:

    If you want the code for my Java semantic web book, try:

    git clone [email protected]:mark-watson/java_practical_semantic_web.git

    My book and examples assumes that readers have a solid knowledge of Java (and JRuby, CLojure, and Scala would be good to know also).



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