Have fun with the AMI containing the examples from my latest Ruby book

I have prepared an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with most of the examples in my Ruby book Scripting Intelligence: Web 3.0 Information, Gathering and Processing. Because I will be periodically updating the AMI, you should search for the latest version. This is simple to do: after you log in to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management Console, select “Start an AMI,” then choose the “Community AMIs” tab and enter markbookimage in the AMI ID search field. Choose the AMI with the largest index.

I have Ruby, Rails, Sesame, Redland, AllegroGraph, D2R, Hadoop, Solr, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Nutch, etc. pre-installed and configured. I use this AMI for new projects and for new experiments because it contains most of the tools and frameworks that I use. If you know how to use Amazon AWS, it is easy to clone your own copy with whatever additional software you need, hook up a persistent disk volume, etc. If you have not yet learned how to effectively use AWS, this might be a good time to do so. I like AWS because I can start a server, use it for development all day, and have it cost less than a dollar.

There are README files for the examples. For more details on how the examples work, please consider buying my book if you have fun with the AMI.


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