Common Lisp RDFa parser and work on my new AllegroGraph book

I am working on a 'three purpose' task this morning: writing an RDFa parser in Common Lisp. I need this for my new book project (semantic web application programming with AllegroGraph), I need this for one of my own (possibly commercial) projects, and to release as an open source project. I am building this on top of Gary King's CL-HTML-Parser, so Gary did the heavy lifting, and I am just adding the bits that I need.


  1. I'm excited to hear about a book on AllegroGraph! Will you be using CL or Java, Python, etc. to interface with AllegroGraph? When will the book be published?

  2. Hello Emre,

    I hope to have it done in 2 or 3 months. That said, it might take longer depending on my consulting work load.

    I do cover Java, Ruby, and Python clients, but the book is mostly about the APIs with several large example programs.

    I at first hesitated to write a book about a commercial product, but the free server edition's large limit of 50 million triples means hat it can be used for meaningful applications.

    Best regards,


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