I switched to using RubyMine for all of my Rails development

I bought version 1.0 when it was released this week and since then I have stopped using TextMate (or occasionally NetBeans) for Rails development. The things that won me over: very fast interface, auto-complete, command-B to jump to method declarations, command-F12 for a popup mehtod list for the current file, pretty much full refactoring support, jumping between view and controller action code, etc. I still think that TextMate is much better for browsing large projects, but if you are coding, I think that RubyMine is much more productive.


  1. I still kind of want to use TextMate, but I have no reason to. When working in Lisp, I use emacs. When working in Java, I use NetBeans. On the occasional weekends where I pick up the "Learning Cocoa" book, I use Xcode.

    TextMate seems nice, but I don't know when I'd use it.


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