Very cool: Google's Picasa client is now available for OS X

Before I switched my business over to using Mac OS X, I "lived in Linux" and very much enjoyed the Linux port of Picasa. I use both Picasa and Flickr: both very good in different ways but I will favor Picasa now that there is a Mac client program. I enjoy travel, friends and family so reviewing pictures and videos is an almost daily activity. Picasa 3: highly recommended!


  1. Do you have any opinions on iPhoto vs. Picasa? I tried using iPhoto once, probably v. 1. or v.2, and didn't like it at the time, so have a very manual setup of directories by year for albums, PhotoReviewer for sorting good from bad, GraphicConverter for editing, and Gallery for publication. This turns out to be ... a lot of work, so I take many more pictures than I put up on my website. I definitely need *something* to make workflow better, but I'm not sure what?

  2. Greetings Michael, Happy New Year!

    I also have tried iPhoto from time to time but never really liked it. I find Picasa suits me better - especially because I keep my photo files neatly organized in a topic-based directory hierarchy and Picasa plays well with my setup.

  3. Thanks, happy New Year to you too!

    It sounds like your iPhoto complaint was the same as mine. I've read that newer versions of iPhoto have a "leave pictures in original location" setting, which might help assuage that. Also last night, I found an iPhoto-to-Gallery plugin which might help with my picture posting problem. Trouble is, I need to upgrade my Gallery from the old old flat-file version to the newer db-based version of Gallery 2. Sounds like a fun weekend project.

    I downloaded Picasa last night, and had fun watching as it slurped up my pictures. Scrolling through them was nice, but I didn't try doing anything real with them. Time to compare!


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