MerbCamp 2008

I am at MerbCamp - so far an enjoyable conference. Merb is a more modular and more efficient version of Rails. As you might expect, Merb does not yet have the easy 'out of the box' experience that Rails provides. That said, I will probably start to use Merb instead of Rails on some new projects because of performance (run time and much less memory required) reasons.


  1. hi mark,

    will you be using C ruby or Jruby for running Merb ? If yes, will it still be as enticing ?

    Thank you,


  2. Hello Anjan,

    That is a good question. So far I have only tried Merb using the Matz C-Ruby system, but I have at least loaded Merb's gems using jruby, but have not yet tried generating a project, and doing any development using jruby. I understand that Merb 1.0 RC1 is due to be released tomorrow. I am at version 0.9.9 right now.


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