My web portal

My web portal is a simple 1 page fits all study center for a Spanish class that my wife and I are taking.

This is something that I love about Ruby on Rails: I had a simple idea and in less than 2 hours I had prototyped the application and deployed it to one of my leased servers. I will add more phrases to the popup translation tool and more general information over the next few weeks.


  1. Mark, in
    - Buenos tardes (good afternoon), the proper way is:
    - Buenas tardes

  2. Thanks Octavio - I just updated my development system, and my web site will be updated in a few days when I push more changes to my production server.

  3. Mark,

    Have you ever tried Seaside/Smalltalk? Being a big user of Lisp, I'm surprised that you're not more of a fan of smalltalk ;)

  4. Hello Eric,

    I was a Cincom VisualWorks VAR about 6 years ago and had a little contract with them to rework some of their documentation. I am also a big Squeak "fan" and I have experimented with Seaside. I wrote in a blog a few years ago that if I did not have to work for a living, then I might be a full time Squeak hacker :-)

    That said, being a consultant, I use technologies that my customers request (usually Java, Ruby, and Common Lisp - but sometimes C++, Prolog, and Python).

    Best regards,


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