Importance of understanding business and sales issues; dynamc languages

I tend to view work from a consultant's point of view, but this also probably applies to you if you work for a company: while staying on top of a few technologies is obviously important (I find that the combination of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, and Common Lisp covers most of what I need to get just about any job done using tools that are at least reasonably appropriate), success in any information processing career requires more than just technical savvy:

What is much more difficult, but in some ways more fun and rewarding, is the effort to learn as much as possible about the business and sales processes relevant to each project. Ultimately, most software is written and maintained to meet business and sales goals, so it pays to understand non-IT related issues as well as technical IT issues.

One reason that I like to use Ruby is that the language is so concise and terse, that I can spend more time thinking about the larger issues of problems that I am trying to solve - the technical aspects of writing code are diminished.


  1. I like PHP more than Ruby. It has richer API and more friendly language construct (C-like, Java-like one)


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