Plone 3: nice!

I had not used Plone in several years. I set up Plone for a customer's development team this evening (a few of us wanted something more full featured than a wiki), and perhaps it was previous experience with Plone, but I was amazed how easy version 3 was to set up.

A few years ago, I needed to write a custom product (plugin) for Plone. At the time, I had little experience with Python and did not enjoy the experience. My attitude towards scripting languages has improved a lot in the last three years because I have spent so much time coding in Ruby. Python == Ruby in 'scripting goodness', although I do like 'Ruby blocks'. I expect to finish up my own Ruby Rails project in the next month and I might use Python+Django on a much smaller project that I plan on doing after that (I have just about standardized on using Rails for all web apps, but I do enjoy a change of perspective from different tools :-)


  1. Thanks for the compliments!

    We have indeed been working on streamlining the installation process with Plone 3, and it'll get even better soon, since we're standardizing the install process across all the different platforms.

    Have fun with Plone, and visit the Plone support mailing lists and forums if you get stuck.

    Alexander Limi, Plone co-founder

  2. Well, thank you also for Plone :-)

    Really good work.


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