I finally tried Ruby 1.9 (developer's release)

I have been putting this off - I have been busy. Ruby 1.9 uses the YARV and seems to be about twice as fast as Ruby 1.8 - a nice speed improvement which is likely to get much better before a Ruby 2.0 release. I tried the new version on several of my POR (plain old Ruby) programs, and everything worked fine for me. Rails would not work for me, but I did not expect it to. I like the way that gem and rake are now bundled with Ruby 1.9 - that makes good sense.

With the good work also being done on JRuby and Rubinius, it is great to know that Ruby is under active development.


  1. hi mark,

    want to leave a link for your readers (some of them could be ruby noobs)) a link to ruby 1.9 downloads(noobs tend to be windows users but not always) ??

    thank you.


  2. BTW, I just took 20 minutes to build Rubinius - it also worked on the few POR programs I tested it with. It was *slow*, but the point to Rubinius is to be more like Smalltalk: written in itself.

  3. Hello Anjan,

    If they are Ruby noobs, I think that we want them sticking with Ruby 1.8.x :-)


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