Source code releases for my commercial products

I have a new policy: source code will be made available for all of my commercial products under both a Free license for non commercial use and a for fee commercial use license. Source code will be available for free product evaluation. I need to improve the build and packaging of all of my products, so it will take a few months for everything to get released. I trust individuals and companies to play fair with my new more liberal licensing policies.

I started writing and making available free web books about 6 years ago and I have been impressed by how many people take the time and expense to support my open content writing by making donations (financial, reporting errors, and making suggestions). Since I have built my consulting business by relying on mutual trust and that has worked well for me, I have decided to also take a more trusting approach to my commercial product projects.

My hope is that enough individuals and companies find my artificial intelligence (AI) and other general purpose projects useful enough to motivate them to support further development through negotiated commercial licensing fees.


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