Java JDK6: bundling web services, embedded database, etc.

I have been reading some negative comments on adding web services, embedded database, etc. to the core Java libraries but I think that this is in general a good thing. If you don't like the now "standard" web services libraries, then just use the stack you prefer. The good thing is that it is just about trivial to do two things:
  • Export methods from one of your POJO classes as a web service
  • Build a client from a WSDL resource (e.g., "wsimport -d generated")
Java DB (Apache Derby) is a good embedded database and having it in the JDK (but not the JRE) by default makes it easier to deliver small applications to customers and feel more confident that they will have an easy installation experience. I could care less if the JDK download is a few megabytes larger.


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