What happens that major news is not reported?

Stephen Colbert took an opportunity to harshly criticize the U.S. news media and poke a little fun at President Bush last weekend. Here is the complete text transcript. Here is a short clip on YouTube.com. I believe that this is very newsworthy, but there has been what looks to me like a total news blackout of this event except for the original live C-SPAN broadcast.

I so totally agree with Colbert's rip of the U.S. news business - our generation does not seem to have great news people like Edward R. Murrow (took on Joseph McCarthy for ruining many innocent lives) or Walter Cronkite (for too many things to mention).

For people living in the U.S., it is almost mandatory to use services like news.google.com to access and read a wide variety of news from around the world - otherwise you simply will not know everything that is happening. When you do read things in the foreign news that are either self-censored in U.S. news or badly under-covered, please make the effort to inform family members, friends, neighbors, people at work, etc. Share knowledge and information!

It is a bad thing only getting to see news that the corporate owners of our news media want you to see.

BTW, I am no fan of George Bush (although I did vote for him in 2000), but I liked the way he did the skit with the Bush impersonater right before Colbert's presentation. Bush also seemed to take Colbert's criticisms OK.


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