is done (for now)

I ended up spending almost 6 hours writing and deploying the RubyPlanet.NET web portal. I would have preferred to write the portal software in Ruby but for cost reasons I used Java: I have a leased server running a single Tomcat instance. With Tomcat, it is trivial to add new virtual hosts so deploying this new web application only took a few minutes and costs me nothing extra. I currently do not have a leased server running Apache and FastCGI but that situation will change in the next week.

There are other features I could add to this web portal, but I basically did it to "scratch an itch": I wanted a single page summary of what people are writing on their blogs about Ruby - this "blog scraping" is automatic so will take no effort on my part. I did add sections "News" and "Resources" that I have to manually maintain but I have a slick administration web interface that lets me effortlessly modify these sections.

Anyway, I keep my new web portal bookmarked and check it myself a few times a day to get Ruby news. Other people are also welcome to use it :-)


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