Partnering and forming a Corporation

My wife and I are planning on forming a corporation around our business ideas. Our business plan is simple (at least in concept): slowly build up a collection of knowledge-intensive web portals that provide free services with some income generation from advertisements. If appropriate business-wise, package web portals as commercial products for deployment inside customers' local area networks and provide consulting services for customization.

The great thing about this business plan is that except for our time, it is a low-cost business to startup and run. A difficult decision for us is whether or not we want to actively persue finding partners for our business. It would be great to have a graphics artist/web designer, a marketing person, someone with better hosting bandwidth, etc. Since our goal is more to create a growing sustainable business than to make a quick buck, sharing ownership in the corporation is not a problem. We are more concerned with finding people who share our goals and ideas.


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