Yahoo and iTunes online music stores

For $60 a year I am tempted to try Yahoo's new beta music service. A lot of people bitch and moan about DRM, but that is the only way we will get a wide variety of online music in the near future. For about 20 cents a day, I can listen to any music I want while I work, and for 79 cents, I can buy a song that I can legally copy to an audio CD. Seems reasonable enough to me. I can still listen to purchased music when booting to Linux via the audio CDs.

I have enjoyed the iTunes music store a lot the last couple years - good value for my money. It seems reasonable, especially since I have a new Windows PC, to also give Yahoo's music store a try.

It is all about giving the customer value: Apple's music store has done this, and I believe that Yahoo's music store will also.


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