Source code for demos; future commercial and Free Software projects

If anyone is interested here is a ZIP file with User Guide and source code for demos for my KBtextmaster product. The Java code base is frozen, but I will not start selling the product for another 3 or 4 days (extra testing!).

Anyway, this has been a major amount of work for me and I am looking forward to finishing up and starting development on my next planned product. My plans for the next year are:

1. Port Apache Daisy content management to run under JBoss (use built-in JMS instead of OpenJMS, combine deployment of DaisyWiki and DaisyRepositoryServer in easy to install EAR file). I will add lots of the functionality of my KBtextmaster product for clustering, adding semantic information to the Lucene based Daisy search engine, etc. The idea is to have one very low cost (I am thinking about $50) commercial product that makes it is easy to set up and administer a document management and storage portal.

2. GPL Free Software project PyTextMaster: I want to take a good part of the functionality of my KBtextmaster product and implement it in Python. I want to make it free for use under the GPL and to also offer a low cost alternative commercial license for people who need that.

3. I am a huge fan of the Zope and Plone GPLed projects. I would like to integrate PyTextMaster with Plone in useful ways.


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