Love BitTorrent for Linux distros; why not for 'Indy' TV productions?

BitTorrent is the greatest technology. Although I have SuSE Linux on my development Linux server, I wanted to install Debian on another (virtual (*)) Linux server. The BitTorrent links on the site make it simple to download ISO CDROM images and the BitTorrent technology does not eat up Debian's bandwidth. Way nicer than using FTP or HTTP.

I wrote about this a while ago: I don't see why TV networks don't distribute popular TV shows using BitTorrent technology, perhaps in a low-res 320x200 pixel MPEG format - a little lower resolution than TV, but very watchable. Leave the commercials in to pay for production costs. I think that it would be great to see a business become a low cost 'Internet only' TV network. It could start a whole new thing: "Indy" TV shows in addition to "Indy" films. Anyway, I think that it is a cool idea.

(*) using VirtualPC on my Mac OS X system


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