Having fun in San Diego

I am in San Diego seeing family and friends. Sunday was great: I took my two young grandchildren to Lego Land for the day. I was having breakfast with an old friend (now a Yahoo search guru) in Del Mar this morning and I also ran into one of my favorite bosses from my years at SAIC (I worked for this guy 3 different times - good to recycle old bosses!)

For late Christmas presents, I bought my parents a Mac iSite video camera and they bought me one - now, if I comb my hair I can talk with my parents and let them see me in my home office in Sedona. Should be fun. I don't meet many of my customers (since I telecommute) so it might be cool to have occasional short video-enabled teleconferences with customers also.

I will be back in my home office in Sedona on Thursday.


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