Why should the USA have to be a net importer of food? And, starving children.

For the first time in about 50 years the US is importing more food than we are exporting.

Another legacy of the Bush administration economics. As Dave Pollard said (unfortunately this is accurate) "Rich Get Richer, Poor Children Dying" is the likely legacy of this era. 400,000 Iraqi children with long term health threatening chronic diarrhea and 1 billion children in the world living in poverty. As US citizens we are responsible for the Iraqi children and we share the shame of 1 billion ill-fed children with the rest of the world.

I like what Colin Powell told Bush about Iraq: "You break it, you own it". Unfortunately Bush seems to be trying to (metaphorically) sneak out of the store after breaking something. Bush's concept of being a Christian and my concept of being a Christian differ greatly, BTW.

Speaking of religion, I received an interesting letter from an official with the Quaker American Friends Service Committee (one of my favorite charities - most of the money donated to them actually goes to helping people build sustainable clean water supplies, build small scale food producing infrastructure, etc.). In this letter is the claim that I believe that many Christian religious leaders in the US personally tried to contact Bush during the lead up to the invasion of Iraq and Bush refused to have any contact with religious leaders who did not agree with his radical foreign policy goals.


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