Magnolia v2 Java-based Content Management System

I had a short while to download and install Magnolia Content Management System. It is designed to allow non-technical people easily build and maintain web sites. So, this is a web site content management system, not a full blown content management system that handles many document types, etc.

You can upload documents (e.g., documents) to Magnolia, but they appear as a named link on a web page.

The install was very easy - by default, two Tomcat instances are run: one for the authoring system and one for the "public" system.

Like the Apache Daisy content management, Magnolia seems like a Plone "want to be". For Java developers, the advantage of Magnolia and Daisy is that they are Java web applications (Plone is written in Python). Daisy has the advantage of supporting many file types (, Word, PDF, etc.) for indexing, search, etc.


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