Good book: The Definitive Guide to Plone; my AI products

I just ordered this book recently and it is excellent. I have a keen interest in open source knowledge and content management systems because early next year I plan on releasing version 2 of my commercial KBtextmaster product and I would like to provide wrappers to integrate it with most of the open source content management systems (connected as a remote service using HTTP POST requests and REST responses).

I have not updated my KBtextmaster product in a while. Starting in December, I am scheduling my time to finish off the version 2 functional improvements (better automtic categorization, better identification of proper names like people, places, products, and automatic generation of RDF for a few selected ontologies).

Very high quality knowledge and document management systems are now available for free as open source projects. My plan (interupted by a fun full time 6 month consulting project) is to position the KBtextmaster as an optional add-in tool for people building knowledge management systems.

KBtextmaster is written in Common Lisp and version 2 will only be available as a compiled executable built with LispWorks.


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