Sun's new pricing models

A disclaimer: I (unfortunately) own more than a small amount of Sun stock, so I take more interest in what Sun is doing business-wise than many other Java developers. I at least think that their new citizen-based pricing models are interesting.

Country governments can buy Sun software licenses based on their population and their UN ranking as third world, developed, etc. As with their corporate "cost per employee" licensing, countries would get access to all Sun software.

This may or may not work. It seems to me that another large company (large for credibility) could offer similar fixed cost per year based on organization size (or population size), but use free software (Linux, Apache, OpenOffice, etc.) and undercut Sun.

I also think that Sun's managed file storage (e.g., $1.95 per month per gigabyte) sounds interesting. $1.95 per month (or about $24/year) for a gigabyte of storage sounds very expensive, but I assume that this would be managed, mirrored, backed up, etc.


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