Sun's Java Studio Creator, other web app development tools

While I still do most of my Java development using a year old version of IntelliJ, I invest a fair amount of time in checking out other tools. Last night and this morning, I have spent some time with Sun's Java Studio Creator.

First, a few things that might make Java Studio Creator not the right tool for me:
  • Most of my JSP based web applications are not "run of the mill" forms connected to a database applications. I tend to combine JSPs with Java classes that generate HTML, work with Javascript, etc. The solution to this mis-match would be for me to develop more reusable components as custom tag libraries, etc.
  • Java Studio Creator is tailored as a web application development system - I have not tried using it for non-UI, non-web app development. I tend to write and test most of the back end code for a web application before starting on the web based UI. If I end up using Java Studio Creator a lot, I will still probably use other IDEs like IntelliJ or Eclipse to write and unit test plain-old-Java-code.
I have also been spending some time trying MyEclipse (an inexpensive commercial product - an add-in for Eclipse for web app development).


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