New Springer-Verlag catalog: 9 new books on the Semantic Web

I received a new Springer-Verlag catalog in the mail a few days ago - I just noticed that there were at least 9 books on Semantic Web technologies.

I am interested in the Semantic Web for many reasons:

  • I have been interested in AI for 25 years (I have written a couple of Springer-Verlag AI books, BTW). I think that the Semantic Web is a good application area for AI technologies.

  • I am a Java developer - most of the free Semantic Web software tools are written in Java (with few very useful exceptions).

  • I have always found that working on bleeding edge technologies to be a lot of fun - and in today's IT economy, I think that it pays to be a specialist.

For Java developers, a good place to start is the HP's Java Jena toolkit.


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