Friday, January 22, 2010

Very bad decision by conservatives on the supreme court

Horrible supreme court decision! A great deal for international corporations to get to powerfully affect our internal elections in the USA. I don't want to overstate my opinion, but I think that this is the beginning of the end for fair representative democracy in our country. I hate to say it, but I am so fed up with the greed and avarice of the "elites" that I find myself not caring much about politics anymore. It would be a good first step for all members of the supreme court to publicly state any family members' business affiliations that might affect their rulings on cases. The justices have a long road to regain our trust.

On a more positive note, I do feel more like a 'citizen of the world' and I believe that stronger business and personal relationships with people around the world help offset the terribly high level of corruption in the USA and other countries that don't give good service to tax payers.

This is a simple prediction to make: corrupt governments will over time become less competitive for promoting and encouraging productive business activities in their tax jurisdictions. I am all for strong corporations and strong businesses both large and small. What I am against is what I consider to be illegal activities (or activities that should be illegal). We need a small government that enforces a small number of fair laws and then stays out of the way of doing business. Sadly, that is far from what we have now.


Joshua said...

You need to be care blaming this on the conservatives. The liberals are just as guilty if not more. They are all for big government and taking control of as much as they can.

Mark Watson, author and consultant said...

Joshua, your comment is off topic because I am talking about corruption, not the size of government.

Jring7 said...

The saving factor may lie in the question of how all that money will be used. If it simply increases the media cacophony and blogsites then the babel will be self-neutralizing.
If it flows into buying votes then the system is damaged,
The source of contributions can be traced back to inferring tax liabilities such that 'foreign' influences can be modulated.
Ultimately, we can strive for a Supreme Court that reversed earlier decisions.
Lot of work to do. Losing interest only aids the thieves.
Jack Ring
Gilbert, AZ