Saturday, November 15, 2008

Giving up on just using one IDE

I have tried hard in the last year to standardize all of my work on one IDE (experimenting with Eclipse+Mylar and NetBeans). I have given up: lately it seems like I need NetBeans for Java-TV (Blu-ray Java) and JavaME tasks, IntelliJ for most other Java tasks and playing with Scala, TextMate (mostly) for Ruby, and Emacs for the Lisp examples for my new book project (on Franz's AllegroGraph). Anyway, I have given up on just being able to use one IDE: a nice thought but not realistic.

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Omar said...

An intelligent decisition, my personal combination is MyEclipse & Netbeans [several flavors]. In Swing projects I tend to use both, Netbeans for Matisse and MyEclipse for his code editor and Spring support.
I am also making tests with JBoss Tools [Seam support], IDEA and Netbeans PHP Support. So, my point is that you have to pick the right tool for the right problem.

-- Just my 2 cents.