Thursday, September 25, 2008

Looking for reviewers for my book "Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming With Java"

I am within a month or so of completing the third edition of my book. This book will always be available as a free PDF from my web site and as an instant-print book.

I would very much appreciate technical feedback on the manuscript which can be downloaded from my open content page:

A direct download link is:

Thanks in advance!


David Rupp said...

Mark: Thanks for writing this, and for making it freely available. What's your preferred way of receiving feedback?

AnjanBacchuDev said...

hi there,

what are the pre-requisites of someone who would be qaualified to review this ?

If some wrote some rules using Jess, would that suffice ?

Can you edit your post to say what the reviewers need to know /have done ? That way, more people are likely to try reviewing.

thank you,


Mark Watson, author and consultant said...

Hello Anjan,

I don't really have any firm prerequisites. I am hoping that people will give me a heads up when:

1. something is difficult to understand and needs re-work
2. less than optimal coding
3. general suggestions

Several years ago I wrote a beginner's Lisp web book and the Lisp community was a great help in improving that work.

Mark Watson, author and consultant said...

Hello David,

Please email sugestions to: markw "at" markwatson "dot" com


jfranrivera said...

Now you can have the cake and eat it at the same time...

Using Clojure (a Lisp for JVM) you can have all facilities provided by Java and use a Lisp language.

syndicate said...

I've made it through the table of contents which looks very impressive but the source code is not available from as stated in section 1.5.