Friday, August 20, 2004

Bush smear campaigns really heating up against Kerry

Dirty political groups trying to re-elect Bush are up to their slimy, immoral, lying tricks.

The republican party no longer stands for my America.

In the past, I have voted fairly evenly for democrats and republicans. One fallout of the corrupt(*) Bush administration and their slimy and disgraceful politics is that it will be a long time before I vote for a republican again - they are tainted by Bush. Too bad, really; personally, my views fall in with classical moderate republicans - but not the radical politics of Bush's political handlers. Bush is a radical - not the guy I thought I was voting for in 2000!

(*) My opinion based on Bush's handlers placing industry lobbiests in government watch dog positions, deceiving the American public about Iraq, lying about the effects of new "environmental" laws, etc.

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